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Jam Donut Games

Started in 2015, Jam Donut Games is the game development studio of Adam Dougherty (@aJamDonut). I created the studio to have one name behind my games and to create a community for the players of my games to hang out in.

Peeps involved

Adam Dougherty [Games & Web Design] [Writing] [Art] (mail: adam 'at' jamdonut.com)

The founder of Jam Donut Games, I have been developing hobby games for over 10 years and love playing with new web technology

Luke Pashley [Backend]

The brains behind the backend of Jam Donut Games, Luke uses his experience in web games and browser based MMO's to develop a robust and flexible backend for our games and the community.

Especially helpful peeps

Przemysław Rezoner Sikorski [Music] [Advice]

The creator of wilds.io and qbqbqb, Rezoner has regularly been a helpful advisor to Jam Donut Games aswell as providing some of the music used in game!

Wensdi Dougherty [Art] [Advice]

Artist and Roller Derby queen, Wensdi provides advice on the art and design of our games and websites.

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